Global Machine Innovations

Global Machine Innovations (GMI) have developed high quality versatile cutting and sewing machines which set the bench mark in design and quality.

These flexible machines have the fastest cutting mechanism in the world while being able to cut soft cloth, voiles, roller blinds, through to heavy screen fabrics fusing the fibre to reduce the risk of fraying.

They set the bench mark in safety using the very latest in coded sensors which prevents the machine from operating outside the control of software meeting new safety regulations.

Sewing Machines for Roller Blinds and Screen

~ RBS Range ~

The RBS machines by Global Machine Innovations are designed for sewing the bottom pocket, mylar attachment and joining of roller blind and screen fabrics.

Each machine is capable of all 3 operations and each jig can be selected for certain sizes of pockets and joining overlap.

These methods of creating pockets and joining for roller blinds and screens are extremely efficient and creates a high quality strong and reliable bond.

Fabric cutting and Sewing Machine

~ CCT Range ~

The CCT range by Global Machine Innovations are high performance, top quality cutting machines which fuse the fabric together whilst cutting reducing the risk of fraying for fabrics ranging from curtains, romans, rollers and screens.

The machines are designed for operator’s safety as a priority, using coded safety sensors which will prevent the machine from operating if there’s an obstruction.

Aluminium and Plastic Cutting Machines

~ Automatic Saw Range ~


Automatic saw with Rising Blade  Ø 400 mm.

Used for cutting processes of aluminium and plastic profiles.

Automatic Sewing Machine for Roman Blinds

~ ARR Range ~


The ARR Range by Global Machine Innovations is an automatic sewing machine for attaching tapes to the rear face of roman blinds.

These machines produce a high quality finish ensuring the seam is straight, removing the need to steam press the sewing lines and totally deskills this operation.

GMI – setting the benchmark for design, quality and safety.

The GMI portfolio are high performance, top quality cutting machines. They reduce waste by enhancing performance. This serves to improve quality and increase output.


Only the highest quality components from control drives, pneumatics to specialist engineered component all supplied by the market leaders. The latest safety sensors monitor the cutting table’s position and load throughout operation.
The machines are designed for operator’s safety as a priority. Using coded safety sensors they will prevent the machine from operating if there is an obstruction.

The GMI portfolio are amongst the safest cutting machines available.


  • Suits wide range of roman, roller and screen fabrics
  • High speed
  • One way cutting with unique laser fabric sensing to reduce cycle time
  • Selectable cutting pressures
  • Variable Cutting speeds
  • Light inspection
  • Quick and easy blade change
  • Rewind
  • Automatic alignment
  • Barcode reader
  • Automatic ink jet plotter
  • Worldwide live online machine communication
With over 30 years experience specialising in worldwide factory installations GMI are setting new standards within the manufacturing industry. GMI offer dynamic and reliable high quality automatic blind machines that meet your specific needs.

GMI is one of the largest suppliers of Industrial Blind and Awning Sewing Machines, Cutting Room Equipment and Pressing Equipment in the UK. They are able to supply a full range of Industrial Machines for a single user up to a full turn-key factory operation anywhere in the world.


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