ARR3000 - Automatic Sewing Machine for Roman Blinds

The ARR3000 by Global Machine Innovations is an automatic sewing machine for attaching tapes to the rear face of roman blinds.

The fabric is aligned to the laser projections on a steel plate, the fabric is then clamped at either end of the plate and the final position of the fabric can be aligned to the plotted line on the fabric using laser projections and held in position with magnets.

Sensors monitor the seam end the tape will automatically cut and seal the at the seam and back tack stitch the end to ensure the tape is secured. The tape end position can be adjusted to suit the seam return of your blinds.

This machine produces a high quality finish ensuring the seam is straight, removing the need to steam press the sewing lines and totally deskills this operation.

ARR3000 machine features:

  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Sews fabrics up to 3m in length as standard
  • Automatic tape cut and seal operation
  • Three-speed operation for different fabric thicknesses
  • Automatic bobbin winder for rapid change of thread colour


Sewing machine dimensions:  

Model                      L          W         H

3000 mm              7360      850      980

ARR3000 - Automatic sewing machine for Roman Blinds up to 3m in length

Fabric rewind

Automatic fabric alignment

Automatic fabric alignment
Barcode reader system
Automatic ink jet plotter for roman blinds

Setting the benchmark

for design, quality and safety.

In our ARR machines we use the highest quality components from control drives, pneumatics to specialist engineered component all supplied by the market leaders.  We fit the latest safety sensors that monitor the cutting table’s position and load, the sensors will detect if there are obstructions and abort its operation’s.

See the ARR3000 in action


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